CakeNet makes cake immediately available to coastal urbanites

CakeNet is the latest in a string of Silicon Valley startups that aims to ephemeralize food. Download the app (available for Apple Watch and Google Wear) and then use your watch to place an order. If you're in Seattle, San Francisco, or New York, use a deep press to specify SpeedCake.

The CakeNet oven at your local bakery will immediately prepare a cake based not only on your pre-specified preferences, but also optimized for your current nutritional needs. Depending on your CWS (current wellness score), you might receive a cake with immune boosters or stress reducers. Operators of heavy equiment should avoid stress reducers, as the primary ingredient is marijuana.

Within 30 minutes, look for an Uber driver to deliver your cake. Surge pricing charges may apply.

If you have chosen SpeedCake, an Amazon Drone will deliver your cake within 15 minutes. Keep your Watch with you and don't go too deep indoors so the drone can find you!