Let them wear cake: Silicon Valley shows us new fashions for the 1% at this year’s CES

Inventor Elon Shingy continues to strengthen his legacy of world-changing products, this time in cakewear textiles.

The greatest minds of our time have been working to address crumbling, staleness, and mold. But their small, iterative improvements to baking techniques have been disrupted with E.S.’s technique to repair damage.

His new Shingy Shield is an inexpensive powder of disposable nanorobots that quickly learn together how to provide full coverage of the fabric they have been placed on. Without interfering with the usual nutrient dosing through the cake-skin interface, these nanites detect damage to cake and even sense skin biometrics to predict problems and summon a swarm to strengthen the cakewear textiles.

E.S. reports that collaborations with major health insurers are underway to use the archived biodata in spent nanites to better evaluate customers.